Books — and booklets — are amazing things. (There are many books written just to tell us this.) They give corporeal form to knowledge or emotion and as such allow us to grasp and befriend those sentiments.

As pages pile up, whether for a book of poems or an annual report, we feel the weight of words and thought.

Pratt Institute | Bulletin cover and back cover

NVPS 2010 Annual | Spreads and cover

NVPS 2011 Annual | Cover and accordion interior

Pratt Institute Design Corps | Brochure cover and spread

Sentinel Investments | Interior and cover (with Wechsler)

M&M Environmental | Brochure spread and cover

Ariel Investments | Investor guide (with Wechsler)

September 11 | Poetry booklet

RSVP 25 | Cover (with Kathleen Creighton)

Branding New York | Cover (with David Frisco)

Boston and Sea Poems | Cover (proposed)